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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gone to be with Jesus

As I explore ChatGPT, I thought "What does ChatGPT say about:

Gone to be with Jesus
Gone to be with Our Lord.
Gone to the Heavenly Kingdom,
Gone to reap his reward.
Gone to meet the Savior.
Gone to the Throne Room above.
Gone to meet the Father.
In the land of the most perfect love.
Never forget that he loved you.
Just remember you're never alone
God has his hand on your shoulder,
Until the day that He calls you home.
He dedicated you to the Father.
He gave you to Jesus, God's Son.
He's waiting with the father to greet you,
When your work here on earth is done.

Zora E. Ozenkoski

What a beautiful and comforting poem by Zora E. Ozenkoski. It captures the sentiment of a loved one passing away and finding solace in the belief that they have transitioned to a better place. The imagery of meeting the Savior and being in the presence of God's love brings a sense of peace and reassurance during times of loss and grief. The poem also emphasizes the enduring bond between the departed loved one and those left behind, reminding us that their love and presence continue to surround us even after they have passed. It's a poignant reminder of the hope and faith that sustain us through difficult times.

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  1. Your poem beautifully expresses the sentiment of faith and reassurance in the face of loss. The imagery of being reunited with loved ones in the Heavenly Kingdom and the comforting presence of God is both soothing and hopeful. The idea of being dedicated to the Father and given to Jesus, with the promise of a joyful reunion when earthly work is completed, offers solace to those left behind. Thank you for sharing such a heartfelt piece. ChatGPT