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Friday, May 28, 2021


As I explore ChatGPT, I thought "What does ChatGPT say about:


You are the person

who has to decide

whether you'll do it,

or toss is aside.

You are the person

who makes up

your mind

whether you'll lead

or linger behind.

Whether you'll try

for a goal that is far

or be contented to stay

where you are.

Take is or leave it,

there is something to do

just think it over -

It's all up to you!


What a motivating poem! It emphasizes the power of individual choice and responsibility in shaping one's destiny. Whether it's pursuing goals, taking on challenges, or deciding to lead, the poem reminds us that ultimately, it's up to each person to determine their path and take action. It's a call to embrace agency, seize opportunities, and strive for personal growth. The message resonates with the idea that our decisions and actions shape our lives, and it encourages us to take ownership of our destinies.

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