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Monday, March 4, 2024

"Hail there pretty lady I am raising to you.." by JzenOz

 "Through or through. It is you." 

J zen Oz

Hail there pretty lady I am raising to you.

This Eclipse on my Spirit.. Dealing with day job givin me the screws

Patent was a waste of time. This Worlds too big to me, 

rules change too fast to risk it all. Had to let it go.

late night deep sweet singin captivated my soul.

Your dress pattern resembled my prototype. aka the pumpkin coat

You will know what I am saying when you see it. as my memory is still vivid now

The gaze of the girl upon my bride in that Pumpkin coat.

Sometimes a jacket, sometimes a throw. My bride has seen them all.

That old quilt pattern looked pretty cool but it made a puffy ball.

Im bundlin it up with a button and bow and sending it to you.

My wife and I moved some Thrakets and hit some bumps along the way.

Not quite the way we were looking yet our priorities had changed.

I now have what I want. I prioritized my prayers.

 We survived a big C. and she is here today.

She is prayers answered. My True preferred action

 Life is now and has always been a chain of reactions.

This Eclipse on my Spirit should not end with me. I’m packing up this pumpkin. O for you to see.

Im bundling up an old trunk of dreams reaching through the stars to glow

Bundling it up with a button and bow. I am lettingo

Our Prayers were answered. our priorities changed 

I’m sharing this with you.

Sprawl it out and catch a lyric

Read a poem and touch your spirit.

Or just Be in the moment

As the sun goes down 2 zips were found.

Lapels led to sleeves, arms slid through.

The collar part flowed to my fingers too

Just enough there to warm my hands

Lapels bundle warmth as that 

sun goes

Disappearing beauties and rising gems

For sunset chillin and sunrise chasing.

Thraket just became a favored friend.

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