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Sunday, May 26, 2024

"I not appropriate... I am Powerful!" little sprout RemJim declared

(In a hushed, but excited voice) Gather 'round, little ones! Mowgli here, with a tale spun from the deepest vines of the jungle, a story about a man-cub named RemJim! Now, RemJim, he was a little sprout, barely seven summers old, with a mane of wild hair and a heart full of untamed spirit. Just like this old wolf, Akela, RemJim wasn't one for stuffy manners and proper etiquette. Oh, no! He'd rather wrestle with a rogue mongoose than hold a spoon the "right" way.

One day, while RemJim's parents, bless their hearts, were trying to teach him the finer points of polite society, RemJim stomped his little foot and declared, "I not appropriate... I am Powerful!" Now, that caused a bit of a kerfuffle! You see, manners and power, they can go paw in paw, much like Bagheera and Shere Khan, though never quite friends.

But here's the thing, little ones, that RemJim, in his wildness, wasn't entirely wrong. True power doesn't come from shoving elbows at the dinner table or talking with your mouth full of berries. Real power lies in respect, the kind Baloo teaches with his laid-back charm. It's the power to make others feel welcome, like the way the jungle welcomes creatures of all stripes.

RemJim's parents, they were patient, like the ancient elephant Hathi. They showed him how using kind words, like honey dripped on a leaf, could be a powerful tool. How offering his seat to the elder monkeys could earn him their respect, a far greater treasure than any stolen mango.

Slowly, like a vine creeping up a tree, RemJim began to understand. He learned that manners weren't chains to clip his wild spirit, but rather a way to channel his power for good. He could still be strong, still be adventurous, but now, he did it with the grace of a panther and the respect of the whole pack.

So remember, little ones, true power lies in kindness and respect. Just like Mowgli, who, though raised by wolves, learned the ways of the jungle, RemJim learned that manners aren't about being stuffy, but about being the best man-cub he could be. Now, who's up for a good game of chasing butterflies? But remember, be polite to the flowers they land on!

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